If you still feel stuck in your trauma after trying traditional counseling, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) can often bring you significant relief. Trauma is defined as any event that you can’t leave in the past and still triggers you in the present. This includes things like: car accidents, medical issues, any form of abuse, military service, relationship problems, complex grief, job stress, and sudden life changes.

My current expertise is in treating all sorts of traumas with EMDR. I believe that people possess the innate ability to heal. When the body, mind, and spirit cannot do that on its own, it is often due to thoughts, feelings, or survival behaviours getting stuck inside our bodies and brains. EMDR helps people to jumpstart their natural healing and processing systems. EMDR helps us to review old experiences in a safe environment so we can learn all we need to, and then move forward and claim our lives. Since I have been using EMDR I have been blessed with seeing clients heal faster and more fully than ever before.

I work mainly with older teens and adults on an individual basis. At times I do work with parents and partners to facilitate the healing of my client within their support systems. I encourage the participation of parents when working with teens.

Issues I often treat:

PTSD Traumatic Events
Anxiety / Panic
Life Transitions
Abuse Issues
LGBTQ Issues
Medical Trauma
Grief & Loss
Relationship Issues
Chronic Pain / Diseases
Self-Esteem Job Stress