Feeling empty, overwhelmed, or disconnected?

My expertise is in providing unique treatment plans that meet the concerns of each of my clients. I have a down to earth, practical, and wholistic approach that draws from 30 years of training and experience with individuals, couples and families. I specialize in working with anxiety and panic attacks as well as stressors in the body, in relationships, or at work. I work with grief/loss, rebuilding trust in self and connection to life, and issues of low self-esteem and co-dependency. Effective communication techniques and self-empowerment are core to my practice.

I do coaching towards healthy relationships and recovery from break-ups. I offer many tools to deal with chronic pain, physical and emotional traumas. I also train clients in guided imagery, relaxation techniques, meditation, and energy work.

My multicultural experiences and non judgmental life perspective, along with my diverse training, provide an optimal environment for emotional recovery, and the personal and spiritual growth of my clients.

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling

Anxiety & Panic Shyness
Communication Elder issues
Relationships Kids & teens
Low self-esteem Attitude adjustments
Co-dependency Life Coaching & trauma recovery
Grief and loss Chronic pain & physical issues
Work stress Relaxation techniques & Meditation
Anger management Personal and spiritual growth

Therapeutic Methods

Cognitive/behavioral Hypnotherapy
Family Systems Guided imagery
Humanistic Mindfulness
EMDR & EFT Energy work