Gary L Garvin, M.Ed., LMHC... personal info:

garyI grew up on an Island called Vashon, in Puget Sound between Seattle and Tacoma. I was blessed with the benefits of lots of extended family, a tight knit rural community and access to two large cities only a fifteen minute ferry ride away. I moved to Spokane to attend Whitworth College and found that I loved the seasons as well as the community and as a result put down some roots and have never left. I am married to my best friend and between us we have four kids and two dogs.

I have always been fascinated by the strength and resiliency that individuals posses, and are usually not aware of. Because of my interest in how we process and deal with the many experiences we encounter in our lives I began studying psychology at Whitworth College where I received my Masters Degree. I believe being able to balance all of the areas of our lives can make us feel more confident and gives us the ability to manage stress and take on new challenges with more self esteem.

My professional orientation is focused on the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. My studies have accessed General Psychology, Bio/Neuro-Psychology, World Spiritual Traditions, and Quantum Physics. My approach usually includes a brief orientation to the owner's manual of this incredible body (which includes the mind) that we get to drive around in, and facilitate and encourage increased awareness so choices can be more conscious and intentional and less reactive, resulting in a more empowered, enjoyable experience of life.